# LxRunOffline #windows #wsl [LxRunOffline](https://github.com/DDoSolitary/LxRunOffline) is a full-featured utility for managing Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). LXRunOffline provides a uniform way to download various distributions and import them as WSL instances into any directories. ### Install LxRunOffline - Scoop ``` scoop bucket add extras scoop install lxrunoffline ``` - Chocolatey ``` choco install lxrunoffline ``` - Or download binaries directly from [GitHub](https://github.com/DDoSolitary/LxRunOffline/releases). ### Download an Image The download URL pattern is ``` https://lxrunoffline.apphb.com/download/{distro}/{version} ``` Choose the distribution and version using the [LXRunOffline Wiki](https://github.com/DDoSolitary/LxRunOffline/wiki). For example: - Ubuntu Jellyfish: `https://lxrunoffline.apphb.com/download/Ubuntu/jellyfish` - Fedora 35: `https://lxrunoffline.apphb.com/download/Fedora/35` ### Import the Image Assuming that - `$Name` is the name you give to the new created WSL instance. - `$Target` is the path to the directory where you want to store the new WSL instance. - `$RootFsTar` is the path to the download image file, usually with extension `.tar.gz` or `.tar.xz`. - Remember to append the required additional argument listed in the Wiki. Here is the command to create a new WSL instance from the downloaded instance: ``` lxrunoffline.exe i -n "$Name" -f "$RootFsTar" -d "$Target" -v 2 [Append additional argument here] ``` Examples: - Ubuntu Jellyfish ``` lxrunoffline.exe i -n ubuntu-jellyfish -f ./ubuntu-jellyfish-oci-amd64-root.tar.gz -d D:\WSL\ubuntu-jellyfish -v 2 ``` - Fedora 35, remember to append `-r .`. ``` lxrunoffline.exe i -n fedora-35 -f ./fedora-35-x86_64.tar.xz -d D:\WSL\ubuntu-jellyfish -v 2 -r . ```